Our Story

September 24, 2020 || The Beginning

Stock Club’s story begins in 2020, when Zach Kramer face-timed Steve Leke about creating a club at Oakland Technical High School. Zach approached Steve because Zach knew that Steve had previous experience with investing. Steve was originally skeptical because he didn’t think that people joined clubs much less during a global pandemic. However, seeing the impact that Stock Club could potentially have, Steve agreed to work with Zach. From there, Stock Club was born and is now proliferating members and supporters.

November 4, 2020 || The First Executive Meeting

To turn Stock Club into reality, Steve and Zach assembled a talented group of Oakland Tech students to delegate tasks essential to the success of the club. In November of 2020, Stock Club’s executives consisting of Ursa Kaiser, Delilah Masket, Malick Abdulla, Gianni Lucchesi, and Stock Club's founders (Zach and Steve), met for the very first time on Zoom. During this meeting, they worked to create Stock Club's very first curriculum, constitution, and develop future objectives for the club. After a few hours on Zoom, everything was set for Stock Club’s very first meeting!

November 17, 2020 || The First Club Meeting

Stock Club held its very first meeting November 17, 2020, on Zoom. There was a total of 35 people in attendance to learn more about what Stock Club could offer them. During this meeting, they explored Stock Club's constitution and curriculum. As the meeting concluded, everyone was interested in being a member and made commitments to be a part of the club.

April 28, 2021 || The Launch of Stock Club Apparel

On April 28, 2021, Stock Club launched its first apparel collection titled "IPO". A tribute to the company's first time offering goods and services to the general public. Stock Club's apparel line helps expand the club and create a better investing experience for its young investors. Since all the proceeds are being reinvested back into the club, make sure to buy as much as you can and spread the word!

Where Are We Now?

We are now working towards finishing our first inaugural year of Stock Club. Having had tons of meetings, guest speakers, and members, we are proud of the experience and the lessons we were able to teach. We look forward to opening Stock Club up to more people who are just as interested in investing as we are!