Our Goal

Create a world where everyone invests

One Student, One School, One Community at a time.

Our Team


Steve Leke

Co-Founder & Co-President

Hi! My name is Steve Leke and I am the Co-Founder and Co-President of Stock Club. I am in charge of managing the club’s social media profiles, communicating with students, tracking the club’s finances, leading any joint efforts between the club and its sponsors, and strategizing future club events and meetings. I helped create Stock Club because I truly believe that understanding financial literacy and how to invest your money is an essential tool everyone should learn. I was saddened to realize that in my community and many similar communities, these concepts were so foreign that most kids spent their lives without any basic knowledge of investing. I aspire to use Stock Club to fill the void and create a new generation of kids that are financially literate, and intelligent investors.
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Zach Kramer

Co-Founder & Co-President

Hi! My name is Zach Kramer and I am the Co-Founder and Co-President of Stock Club. I am in charge of creating the curriculum and leading each meeting. I also work behind the scenes to help the Stock Club prosper as much as it can. I helped create this club because I have a strong passion for investing. After learning about investing , I wish I had started at a younger age. I saw how simple investing was and quickly understood it's potential to help benefit others. Through helping my friends start investing, I learned how financial literacy can build a community and new bonds between people. My overall goal of being apart of the Stock Club, is to give students the tools they need to start investing in assets that are essential to being a successful person.
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Malick Abdulla


Hi! My name is Malick Abdulla and I am the Vice President of Stock Club. As Vice President, I am in charge of helping manage the club’s website, marketing efforts, social media, and much more. I'm a part of Stock Club because I know that learning about stocks and finance is necessary for all. Learning these subjects can help prepare communities for careers within these specific sectors, and help alter lives for the better.Finance and stocks teach skills centered around planning and analysis, which are translatable to anything. I strongly believe that studying finance and becoming more financially literate enables people to make better personal financial decisions that eventually leads to financial prosperity.
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Sophia Bertoldo

Curriculum Coordinator

Hi! My name is Sophia Bertoldo and I am the Curriculum Coordinator for the Stock Club. As the Curriculum Coordinator, I help design complex lessons engaging young adults with the skills and knowledge necessary for becoming financially literate. After being a member of the stock club and learning the importance of investing, especially at a young age. I recognized how big an impact Stock Club can have on its members. In continuing to help educate my peers with the skills and information to become financially literate we will lead them on a path to success.
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Delilah Masket


Hi! My name is Delilah Masket and I am the Administrative Assistant of Stock Club. I am in charge of taking notes, keeping a written record of all club information and club meetings, tracking club attendance, organizing all club forms and documents, and maintaining a calendar that has all of the club events listed. I strongly believe the Stock Club is an exquisite opportunity for people to learn how to be smart with their investment decisions. If I wasn’t a club officer, I’d definitely still be apart of the club!
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Gianni Lucchesi

Curriculum Coordinator

Hi! My name is Gianni Lucchesi and I am the curriculum coordinator at Stock Club. I assist in creating Stock Club’s syllabus and curriculum, so I work behind the scenes to develop slideshows and presentations which we share in our meetings. I first became passionate about investing in 2018, and it did not take much time for me to realize just how beneficial investing can be. I believe that Stock club is an excellent opportunity to teach our community financial literacy at an early age. Learning the essential skills of managing money, budgeting, and investing is critical to achieving financial prosperity. My goal for Stock Club is to educate our community and give them the skills and information they need to succeed financially.
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