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Sophia Bertoldo - Senior

“Hi, I’m Sophia. What I enjoy the most about the stock club is that I get to practice investing money that is not real. I learn best through practice and examples and trying it out and so having a simulation is probably the coolest part about the club. And, I get to be competitive with my peers which I think is important. What I have learned? I have learned everything about the stock market from the stocks club because I knew absolutely nothing going into it. That means definitions of terms, companies, techniques, how to even understand a graph, understand why I would invest in a company and literally everything about it I have learned from the stocks club. And I think how it could be improved is I think if the officers were a little harsher to us on what we were doing right or wrong because it would be nice to know why I am in 18th place in the simulation. I can’t really tell what I am doing wrong.”

Armando Medrano - Sophomore

“My name is Armando Medrano. Something I’ve enjoyed about Stock Club so far is having people around me that are as interested in [stocks] as I am, and just being around people like that during the class and getting to see everyone’s different input on the subject. I don’t think I knew anything about stocks when I first joined. I knew that you could make money from it but now I know that nothing is guaranteed and it’s more complicated and detailed than what you think. Something I feel that can be improved is the amount of days that we go. We only go Tuesdays… but another day would be cool because you have to wait a whole week for the next class and its kind of frustrating sometimes. It’s a cool class and it’s fun getting to see a lot of new faces. Thank you, guys! ”

Moussa Ndiaye - Junior

I’m Moussa. Something I’ve enjoyed about the Stock Club are the games we play to practice the things we learned. I’ve learned a lot about the stock market and something that I can improve on is my actual skills trading stocks.